What’s coming

The SPECULUR app will be the nucleus of an eco-system of truly smart products to be rolled out by SPECULUR.

HelmetSense – ShoeSense – GloveSense – PadSense

Cricket is a sport steeped in tradition. In over a hundred and fifty years, change in the way cricket is played has been incremental at best. The sport has diversified into newer, shorter formats and the quality of sports broadcasting has skyrocketed. Yet as a game of bat-and-ball, much has remained the same. While protective equipment has got better - with enhanced safety provided by new age gloves, pads and helmets - and bats seem to have become meatier, in an era where technology is rapidly invading and improving all it touches, cricket continues much as it did in the late 1800s.

Every day, in alleys, academies, maidans and ovals across the cricketing world, millions of balls are bowled and millions of shots are played and not one of them is turned into data that can help enhance the skills of players and thereby enhance the sport. For a sport that is so highly technical in nature, technology solutions are conspicuous by their absence. That is set to change, with SPECULUR.

At the end of a practice session, cricketers reflect on their technique and strategy. Eventually they distil these speculations down to a “feeling” and self-certify, with no discernible accuracy, as to how poorly or how well they played. No real data, no real analysis. Not anymore.


SPECULUR, a smart wearable and cognitive computing company, has created the first ever Bat Sensor, that sits atop the handle of the cricket bat and captures data from every shot played by the batsman. SPECULUR’s BatSense product, painstakingly developed by Silicon Valley’s finest engineering minds, levels the cricket playing field, by taking research and development worth millions of dollars and placing it all in a coin-sized puck that is affordable and empowering to every batsman, irrespective of age, proficiency level, or location.

With SPECULUR’s BatSense, cricketers worldwide will be able to look back on every session, and indeed every ball played, with real data across parameters such as bat speed, back-lift angle, bat angle at impact, bat speed at impact and several others, projected in the form of a 3D avatar that visually depicts each parameter for every shot. Batsmen at every level can now rely on technology rather than mere instinct to assess their progress, every time they connect bat to ball.


BatSense is a game-changer and will truly democratise cricket. Powered by the SPECULUR App (soon to be) available on Android and iOS platforms, BatSense is the first product of its kind in the cricketing world that allows batsmen and their coaches to view, analyse, and annotate data sets from every ball played. The app will be packed with features like smart video and coaching tools. Players and coaches, can now rely on technology and work on specific parameters to fine tune their game.

The SPECULUR App is the nucleus around which smart products from the SPECULUR eco-system shall revolve. BatSense is the first of these products - to be followed in due course by HelmetSense, ShoeSense, PadSense etc. - all of which will come together to create a bouquet of truly smart products bringing the best of wearable technology to cricket and making it accessible to every cricketer worldwide.