What we do


Game analytics enables play enhancement by analysing performance on field and assisting coaches in taking corrective action. It helps predict performance and develop winning game plays. The ‘gut feeling’ that has traditionally dominated sport is waning away. Players and coaches alike are depending on analytics to train, instruct, and excel. Most major sports have incorporated analytics in training and coaching to gain competitive advantage.

SPECULUR leverages the power of game analytics and brings a disruption in sports, ensuring that every minute on field is actively captured and scrutinised to fine tune your action.


Injury prevention is another area where technology can be of tremendous value. Data analytics helps professional teams track the health of players and avoid sports injuries. Smart wearables and other monitoring systems help coaches and physicians observe and track player health by providing real time insights into speed, heart rate, gravity of impact, and acceleration on field. SPECULUR exploits technology solutions to deliver ‘next-gen’ injury prevention methods in modern sport, across levels.


The age of passive engagement is over. Accessed via sophisticated smartphones and powered by exponential data speeds, social media sites present fans with information at their fingertips. Fans today access, consume, and engage with sports content on a daily basis, in diverse ways, on an ‘anytime, anywhere’ basis. SPECULUR has been developing fan engagement solutions and introducing new technology frameworks that will bring fans even closer to their favourite sports and sporting icons.

SPECULUR is working closely with industry experts and technology evangelists. In the next few years, we will introduce a steady stream of technologies into the world of sports - amplifying fan engagement, enhancing player training and coaching, and delivering injury prevention solutions.