Specific Insight. Spectacular Performance.

Silicon Valley engineering in the palm of your hands. Mount SPECULUR BatSense on your bat handle and track every shot you play. Get 3600 analysis of your shots to improve your performance!

Play what you know. Know what you play.

Instant Evaluation.


3D Analysis.

  • attach Attach
  • Sync Sync
  • Play Play
  • Upload Upload
  • Analyse Analyse
  • Improve Improve

Upload Play. Get Instant Analysis.

Speculur App
Bat Speed at Impact
Impact Angle
Average Bat Speed
Bat Speed at Impact
Blade Angle at Impact
Time to Impact


  • In-depth analysis of every shot played
  • Attach, sync, play, and analyse your performance
  • Store and review shot data, improve with every session
  • Upload 1000+ shots, store on cloud
  • Connect with coaches - share your data & get insights


  • Every shot, every trainee, every session – always tracked
  • Train anyone from anywhere
  • Personalised feedback – provide one-on-one analysis
  • Identify new talent and groom the future
  • Improve player performance through insight